We are a Charity Organisation who believe in equal opportunity to all humans. We cater for children/young people and adults with special needs of different nature in the UK and Africa. With emphasis on popularising STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) by providing relevant educational needs and training among many other things we do.

Our organisation has been carrying out other various activities since 2018 in the advancement of health and saving of lives, prevention and relief of poverty, Overseas Aid/Famine relief, Human Rights/Religious or Racial Harmony, helping people to embrace diversity and other charitable purposes.

Activities – how the charity spends its money

We give support to persons with special needs in Nigeria and Ghana through training and school fees payment. We are also growing our membership and volunteers. We are planning for the Future Talks in school. A day Science Expo for the blind. And our December Hands on Science Camp and Charity fund raising event in Sheffield, and others. We are opening Charity Shops.


  • Education and Training
  • Grants to Individuals
  • Grants to Organisations
  • Provide Human Resources
  • Provide Services
  • Sponsor Or Undertake Research
  • Other Charitable Activities

What the charity does:

  • General Charitable Purposes
  • Education/training
  • The Advancement Of Health Or Saving Of Lives
  • Disability
  • The Prevention Or Relief Of Poverty
  • Overseas Aid/famine Relief
  • Arts/culture/heritage/science
  • Human Rights/religious Or Racial Harmony/equality Or Diversity
  • Other Charitable Purposes

Who the charity helps:

  • Children/young People
  • People With Disabilities
  • Other Charities Or Voluntary Bodies

How the charity helps:

  • Makes Grants To Individuals
  • Makes Grants To Organisations
  • Provides Other Finance
  • Provides Human Resources
  • Provides Buildings/facilities/open Space
  • Provides Services
  • Provides Advocacy/advice/information
  • Sponsors Or Undertakes Research
  • Acts As An Umbrella Or Resource Body
  • Other Charitable Activities

Registration history:

  • 18 January 2018: CIO registration


  • Complaints handling
  • Conflicting interests
  • Paying staff
  • Risk management
  • Safeguarding vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Volunteer management