Science and Technology for Persons with Special Needs
We strive for humanity !
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We Train and Provide Guidance
We have sets of equipment that simplify the livelihood of persons with special needs.
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We focus on STEM !
We provide detailed information that help persons with special needs.
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What we do !

General Charitable Purposes

We are known for engaging in series of activities relating to charitable acts.

Education / Training

We offer training of different types for person with special needs. Ranging from

The Advancement Of Health Or Saving Of Lives Disability

We know disability is mostly associated with health status, and some can be corrected with effective health interventions.

The Prevention Or Relief Of Poverty

We provide them with skills and opportunities that will enable them fend for themselves.

Overseas Aid/famine Relief

We are not listed to one country we operate in over 30 countries in the world.


We based our scope not only on science but other fields like, Arts, Culture, Heritage etc

Moment with us !

Our mission is to support the People with special needs and limitations by providing them equal opportunities that will take away limiting factors for better opportunities and good life.

Our vision is equal opportunity for all irrespective of special needs or limitations to enhance quality of life. 

Our Portfolio

Audiology training in Nigeria done in partnership with scitec Nigeria


Taofiqiya Adelakun


Dr. Sariat Adelakun,  CEO and consultant, Science and Technology for Persons with Special Needs Initiative has said Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics career should be for all irrespective of disability […]

Dr. Sariat Adelakun

Super Administrator

Board of Trustees

Dr. Tawakalit Labaika Hamzah


Dr. Adebowale Adesina


Mr. Idris Ayinde


Taofiqiya Adelakun


Mr Adeyoola Musiliu


Our Affiliates